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Future of direct selling in India, Also called as a future of Network Marketing .We all are in lockdown. but work in direct selling is booming in ethical direct selling companies. It’s the best example of working methods of direct selling it will be sustained in any work condition. because direct sellers are the visionary person he/she builds a team for the future not for short term benefits. The mindset of the direct seller is in a positive direction so the person thing about ” Aaj mere pass kya hai?”

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kpmg report
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As I discussed direct sellers are a dreamer and visionary person so build the future for thinking of 10 years, 15 years. As per WFDSA (World Federation of Direct Selling Association) latest data In a global job percentage.





The Indian population is a big concern for the government in a job providing prospective and opportunity for direct selling companies because of the high population.

image source by WFDSA

As per the picture, you will check India in global ranking and you will shock India is in a negligible position in the world’s direct selling global revenue.

As per calculation, USA is 86 times higher volume revenue generate as compare to India and USA population approx 33cr and Indian population is 135 cr+. So look at the market size.

image source by WFDSA

But when Indian decide to do anything then it’s become a world leader as we have seen in mobile user rank in last years our rank grow very faster so same we expect from direct selling business. 

As per https://assets.kpmg/content/dam/kpmg/pdf/2014/12/Direct-Selling.pdf KPMG latest report on direct selling in India. check the pdf given in this article.

Direct selling industry size going to 65000cr in 2025


To reach 65000 cr market size direct selling industry need a real player in India market if unethical company enter the market so it’s difficult to achieve the goal of 65000cr 

We thank the Indian government issue guideline on direct selling on 9 Sep 2016 after so hard efforts by so many direct sellers in the Indian market.

Now in a short time, we Indians get the law on direct selling so only ethical companies sustain in market and Ponzi companies, money rotation companies wind up their business. So your waiting period will over in a short time. 

Why Vestige?

I am a vestigian feel proud because we are the number one direct selling company as compared to turnover in India. In vestige marketing Pvt ltd more working distributors are woman (75%) and Vestige global rank shift faster from 92 to 63 to 30 position in the year 2018 to 2019 to 2020 respectively worldwide as per work for home website https://www.businessforhome.org/

Check the momentum rank is 6 in the world direct selling list. so vestige does not compete with the Indian companies, Vestige will be in tot 10 companies in World by 2025. And look at the market expansion in the world level. No need to say about the product because products are the world’s class and sold to 6 other continents of the world including India

Method of doing direct selling

Every 10 years market evolves, So prospecting methods change in every decade. Now all world are connected by the internet so we will find our prospect via the internet. So we use all social media platforms for better visionary and dreamer prospect and I am an expert in Social media prospect finding. So connect with me for your future. In India, we have an association called IDSA. Work for direct selling community India. Very few companies are a member of IDSA. It does not mean that other companies are not legal companies in India. 

traditional method
Direct selling method of product distributes
direct selling method
The traditional method of product distributes

Selection of the right company.

  • – Regular use product, reusable products month by months
  • – The plan will be perfect as per the Indian market payment schedule on time.
  • – The future goal of management will be crystal clear 
  • – Leaning culture teaching methods

From my experience, I will say that Vestige is the best direct selling company in India and the fastest-growing company in worldwide. and direct selling teaching methods you will become perfect skill base person no need to learn MBA if you are in proper direct selling companies. 

Average product categories

Who can join direct selling?

  • Any person 18 and above age join a direct selling
  • Students can join direct selling not for money only but learn variable skills free of cost from training.
  • Housewives join direct selling for self-identity and earn extra income with family management.
  • Retired people join direct selling and get some feeling of helping society and some extra income.
  • Working professional join direct selling as a side income 
  • No education level ask at the time of joining your enthusiastic nature makes you a winner in direct selling
  1. What are the future of MLM and direct selling?

As per KPMG report, India will generate 65000 cr revenue from direct selling. Direct selling is a serious business always try for full time and 3 years of time minimum.

  1. How do I select a good direct selling company in India?

Look at the products, plan, peoples, and management vision from all four points you will decide.

3.Fastest growing direct selling company in India?

Vestige is the fastest direct selling growing company in India with 29% year on year CAGR.

  1. Any company from India is in the world’s top 100 list?

Yes, Vestige is Indian origin company and rank 30 in th

e year 2020 list, rank 63 in the year 2019 list and rank 93 in the year 2018

5.which is no1 MLM company in India?

Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd is no 1 direct selling company in India on a turnover basis.


Direct selling is a great future all over the world be a part of an ethical direct selling company and make your bright future all the best.

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